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Please choose from one of the following products:

Foil Braid

ABR17 [details]


Light Weight Braid

ABR13 [details]


Standard Weight Braid

Available with or with out picots on one side or both. [details]


Double Sided Picot Braid

ABR11 [details]


2/2 Heavy Weight Braid

ABR23 [details]


Study Braid

ABR7 [details]


Pick & Pick Braid

ABR6 [details]


Pick & Pick Braid with gros grain

ABR5 [details]


Lay Braid

ABR16 [details]


Slack & Tight Braid

ABR4 [details]


Opposing Lay Braid

ABR20 [details]


Lay Braid

ABR12 [details]


Plain Braid with gros grain edges

ABR9 [details]



ABR8 [details]


Narrow Twill Jacquard Braid with Picots