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How to place an order

The first part of the process is for us to match your fabric. Send in your fabric, wall paper cutting etc that you are using for your scheme, and we will look at the fabric, assess the type of yarn that will work best with the scheme; sometimes the client will request a particular type of yarn. We mostly work with spun rayon, cotton and wool, and we also have viscose, chenille, linen and silk. Our colour range is vast, which means that by blending we are able to match even the most difficult shades from stock.

Once the colours have been approved we would need you to send us an order, you can place an order by fax, email or by post. Once the order is received we will fax through an order confirmation stating prices, colour placement and expected delivery. If you are a new customer this will also be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice.

When we receive your signed order confirmation, your products will be put into production.

Minimum order quantities

Our minimum quantity on woven, hand tasselled and machine made products i.e. Bullion, braid, tassel fringe, cord is 5m minimum order.
Tiebacks, key tassels, rosettes, a minimum of 1 item.
Button tufts and drops we require a minimum of 5 items.

Delivery Times

Delivery times very often differ depending on the type and the quantity of product you are ordering. For example 5m of a small plain braid could take 2-3 weeks from colour confirmation, and 10 tiebacks may take 4-6 weeks. Once an order is placed we will advise you of the expected delivery time. If you have a product that you need urgently we will always try and work with you to meet your deadlines.

How to measure an embrace of an existing tieback

Take your tieback from the curtain, and lay the tieback on a flat surface set out in the shape of a T. Then measure across the top of the T from the left to the right. This measurement is the embrace length.

If you need to make new tiebacks we would recommend that you contact your curtain maker for your embrace lengths, as this is something we can not advise on. Different fabrics and styles of curtain will have an effect on the embrace length. Our tiebacks normally come with a 30” / 75cm embrace as standard.

What to do if an embrace comes un-tied?

If your tieback becomes untied you can return it to us, and we can re-tie it for you for a small charge.